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Apr 2016
Otto Chrons
Apr 18 2016 07:57
do you have a minimal example with Material UI (just how to get some basic hello world on screen), as the demo is full of other stuff :)
also, are themes supported?
I'd like to use a dark theme for my admin app
ok, seems to be under MuiStyles
guess I need to use the installMuiContext to activate the theme
Otto Chrons
Apr 18 2016 08:09
mainly, how do I activate the theme for the whole app, in the router?
guess I have to do it in the layout function?
Otto Chrons
Apr 18 2016 08:55
ran into an NPM problem first thing on Monday morning :)
two copies of React, thx NPM!
what are you guys using for grid layout with Material UI components?
Otto Chrons
Apr 18 2016 09:27
maybe I'll just go with flexbox CSS myself
√ėyvind Raddum Berg
Apr 18 2016 14:18
I've just used flexbox, as i havent needed to support old browsers - not much problems with that
i havent really had the time to play much with themes either
in theory installMuiContext should be enough, but i observed it wasnt always threaded properly through all the components
Otto Chrons
Apr 18 2016 19:08
got it working fine with plain flexbox stuff
this is an Admin UI, so no need to support some legacy crap :)