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Apr 2016
Otto Chrons
Apr 25 2016 13:57
in ElementalUI, how do you set the value of a CheckBox control?
even the examples on the official EUI page show nothing
I guess in JS you just provide a "checked" props, but in ScalaJS you cannot do that without support from the library
Otto Chrons
Apr 25 2016 14:03
these JS libs are such crap, we should make a true Scala.js UI framework :)
oh well, let's just use a normal HTML checkbox instead
Øyvind Raddum Berg
Apr 25 2016 19:31
gaah i hate them so much too
i hadnt used elementalui myself
but a quick look at the source code reveals that you can pass through things that go into an <input>
but yeah, we should definitely make a proper scala.js framework
mui is at least a bit more sane when it comes to the interface of the components