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Apr 2016
Nathan Zimmerman
Apr 29 2016 17:11
i'm very new to scalajs and i have to say that i'm pleasantly surprised by how easy certain things are. i'm using diode with react and things mostly just work. I want to use a UI pluggin of some sort for an alternative form-select though, and this is proving difficult.
naturally, i stumbled upon this library, which looks quite good - i'm confused though, about why JS needs to be provided from something like webpack if it exists in webjar form
i should say that i think using SBT for all build processes is, to me, one of the big wins for scalajs
so the extra requirement is a definite annoyance - not sure i have a specific question so much as i would appreciate any guidance from those who have walked these paths before
Øyvind Raddum Berg
Apr 29 2016 21:15
@moradology none of us are happy about that particular issue. The problem is that sbt doesnt understand javascript modules (import/require)
or sbt, rather the scala-js plugin