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Aug 2016
Aug 01 2016 17:30
Hi all
I am checking out this project
But I am having 2 concerns
  1. From the demo, I get the feeling that I have to use webpack and npm to get the js dependencies
  2. I cannot find the Grid component for Material-UI
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Please let me know if I am missing anything
I am trying to use this in a Play application
Raul Rodriguez
Aug 01 2016 17:36
@nlhkh , The advice I was given is to manage my js dependencies with webpack and it worked great so far. While webjars looks good, not all js deps have the correct format to be loaded up, so you need to use require and that is not understood by scalajs, so in the end you might use an hybrid solution between webjars +webpack or use only webpack. I personally found using webpack more straight forward.
check this issue for more background, chandu0101/scalajs-react-components#18
@nlhkh could you share where is the grid component, @oyvindberg just merged a new commit, worth checking if in this upgrade, this was included. chandu0101/scalajs-react-components@fccdb33
Aug 01 2016 17:47
I like the idea of using webpack and npm to manage jsdependencies
but the config is too intimidating to me at first
Raul Rodriguez
Aug 01 2016 18:06
To simplify your workflow of webpack/npm you can use the minified js versions of the libraries youŕe using and have Play load them up, so you can start working with the core of your project and components, and slowly you can start experimenting with webpack features, it takes some time to tune it so it fit your needs. I did it that way, since my primary concern was learning how to interact with this project. Otherwise if you have to get webpack right first, then, you can start with the demo example in this project it's a great starter point. If you are using a Play app, there is a tutorial by @ochrons that can help you on that.