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Oct 2016
Oct 18 2016 16:44
hello thanks so much for the library
if i wanted to create bindings for
i noticed that the mui bindings say they are generated
but to me it doesn't look like that is the one that was used for mui
is it reasonable to just create the wrappers manually ?
and if i create them manually is it fair to follow the pattern in the Mui* classes ?
i.e. using the JSMacro
Øyvind Raddum Berg
Oct 18 2016 23:11
so, i wrote some code to generate mui wrappers based on the prop types in the javascript code, plus manual overrides. unfortunately, i havent had time to generalize it to work for other js libraries yet
it's completely fair to just follow the pattern and create similar wrappers for other libraries
and feel free to ask questions if you do so
Oct 18 2016 23:51