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Mar 2017
Mar 13 2017 15:52
So will it be easier to provide the material-ui facades with scalajs-react 1.0.0?
√ėyvind Raddum Berg
Mar 13 2017 18:49
it will be just about the same
we can keep using the current encoding (case classes with apply and the macro) with almost no changes
there are other encodings that could be explored to make better use of scalajs-react 1.0.0
  trait JsProps extends js.Object {
    val name: String

  def JsProps(name: String): JsProps =
    js.Dynamic.literal("name" -> name).asInstanceOf[JsProps]

  val Component = JsComponent[JsProps, Children.None, Null]("ES3_P")
I personally like that much better
perhaps we will do it in the future, i am not working on that now