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May 2017
Roberto Leibman
May 25 2017 19:10
...slowly getting the project converted to react 1.0.0, it's a bear, and a very manual process at this step. I basically started the project from scratch and I'm moving files one at a time, figuring out what breaks and fixing it. I don't quite have the skeleton of the demo done yet, but hoping that I have that soon.
Once I have that, I'll probably need @oyvindberg 's help with the JsMacro, it's not clear to me what it does or how I get it to give me the props in a way that the 1.0.0 will like it.
@torstenrudolf did you say you wanted to help too?
Øyvind Raddum Berg
May 25 2017 23:47
fantastic work there, @rleibman
so, I've written a generator script for mui
so once you figure out how one component should look, i can update that and generate the rest
you can find the generator here, its not terribly complex