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Jun 2017
Roberto Leibman
Jun 08 2017 18:33
@oyvindberg , I'll only have a little time to work on this for now. I went back and re-forked @chandu0101's original project and checked my code into the scalajs-react-v1.0.0 branch in my fork. My status is as follows:
  • There are still tons of compiler errors
  • I gave a first shot at generating semantic-ui, but there's a lot of code in there, who added that in the first place? may they be able to help?
  • There are a few Elemental components being generated, but the parser needs to be modified to get it to properly recognize js components which are written slightly different from the materialui and semanticui cases.
  • The demo comes up, but all the routing seems to be broken, I suspect this happens because I'm trying to run using file:// but I'm not sure.
Roberto Leibman
Jun 08 2017 18:38
I'm actually a bit mad at the scalajs-react people about all their changes because the migration is a nightmare, things are NOT intuitive at all. And I would assume the scalajs-react-components are a big project (in scope, if not in usage) and would highlight their changes. And their help has been less than stellar.
But rant aside, I'd really like to get this project running again. Can you think of any way to partition the problem to make it easier to tackle?
And I got into all of this because the latest version broke the opendirection of menus :(
Øyvind Raddum Berg
Jun 08 2017 19:41
Hehe, that is quite the rabbit hole. Thanks for all the effort so far, we'll find a way to make this happen
But let's make a plan for it. For example, we can split the project in several modules, and port them as they are needed. For example we can port mui to 1.0.0 first, and then whatever else which we want. It might be a good way to trim the codebase a bit too. Wdyt @rleibman ?
Also I do think that once a few components are ported, the rest should be mostly search/replace
Roberto Leibman
Jun 08 2017 21:03
I think MUI is mostly done, actually, would you mind taking a crack at the demo for that? Having the demo semi-working gives us a skeleton to hang the rest of the skin.
I'm going to take my bullet points above and put them in a TODO doc