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Jun 2017
Roberto Leibman
Jun 23 2017 21:16
Hey @oyvindberg just in case you have time... I ran into an issue with the example project. It works alright if I use fastOptJS::startWebpackDevServer, but if I use file or nginx then it does NOT work, I get the equivalent to:
ViaReactComponent.scala:213 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'Component' of undefined at 
$c_Ljapgolly_scalajs_react_component_builder_ViaReactComponent$.init___ (ViaReactComponent.scala:213) at 
$m_Ljapgolly_scalajs_react_component_builder_ViaReactComponent$ (ViaReactComponent.scala:11) at 
$c_Ljapgolly_scalajs_react_component_builder_Builder$Step4.build__Ljapgolly_scalajs_react_CtorType$Summoner__Ljapgolly_scalajs_react_component_JsBaseComponentTemplate$ComponentWithRoot (Builder.scala:349) at $c_Lapp_MyApp$.main__V (MyApp.scala:31) at MyApp.scala:19
I posted in the scalajs-react gitter, but didn't get any help.
Roberto Leibman
Jun 23 2017 22:25
Apparently enableReloadWorkflow = true breaks it.