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Aug 2017
Øyvind Raddum Berg
Aug 13 2017 15:28
ive never used maps really
i know the full gmaps interface is really comprehensive
but we dont have that here :/
has anyone ever gotten a good dev flow with scalajs-bundler?
Roberto Leibman
Aug 13 2017 18:52
Yes, I do, it's somewhat slow, but it works. I basically have two sbt screens running, one with ~reStart running the server side and one with ~fastOptJs::webpack running the client side.
Øyvind Raddum Berg
Aug 13 2017 21:37
right, its definitely slow
have you managed proper source maps for dev mode yet?
with the code i put in the PR we get proper source maps for js code, but webpack doesnt consider the source maps of the scalajs output