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Aug 2017
Øyvind Raddum Berg
Aug 23 2017 23:40
hey guys, sorry
im pouring my open source time into another project, so this is slow
i just merged the first PR, and will release 0.7 with scalajs-react 1 support now
for 1.0.0 i was fighting with travis last time, but the merge is more or less "done". i say "done" because i more or less just overwrote much of the just merged pull request with our changes @rleibman
i dont think theres much strong opnions on exactly what it looks like, i just though it would be nice to combine both branches since there was a lot of effort on both sides
if anybody has any knowledge on setting up newer node and yarn on travis that would be appreciated, have a look at the open PR
Øyvind Raddum Berg
Aug 23 2017 23:46
also another thing is that I'm waiting for @easel s pull request for faster turnaround with scalajs-bundler. RIght now im not really happy with the workflow, so i feel a bit hesitant to force it upon everybody