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Sep 2017
Andreas Gies
Sep 04 2017 10:06
@rleibman , I am just looking at your changes for the table and have some observations: 1. Clicking on the table header when the sort order for that column is descending, the ordering is not reversed to ascending
  1. When an ordering is selected and the search text changes the order is not applied to the new result set
I am investigating whether this is a bug or a feature :)
Øyvind Raddum Berg
Sep 04 2017 22:04
I'm releasing 0.8 with table updates and react-split-pane now :)
also there is going to be a 1.0.0-M1 release soon, with the changes from @rleibman : @JSImport and inlined generator script (it's in #89 for now, but about ready)