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Sep 2017
Sep 10 2017 07:04
@chandu0101 I'm using your great JSMacro. I would like to change a string-props-argument to a sealed trait objects hierarchy.
my problem is that the TOJS type, wants to have a js.Object as the return type of toJS.
so I cannot define it on the sealed trait as val toJS = "someString"
I was wondering if we could change that return type to an js.Any
Sep 10 2017 07:16
another question :
when I use union types in my arguments, the macro fails for me, but I see it working in the material-ui facade MuiChip.
it fails with:
[error]  found   : scala.scalajs.js.|[String,Double]
[error]  required: scala.scalajs.js.Any
[error]     val props = JSMacro[LineSeries](this)
[error]                        ^
[error] one error found