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Mar 2018
Alberto Paro
Mar 17 2018 11:00
@rleibman I've issues with the webpack, but probaly it's related to my mac configuration. I fixed them, but there are a lot of react.js components that are not working with versione 16.x of react.
Alberto Paro
Mar 17 2018 14:21
I'll try to update them to the last version but many of them will not work with version 16.x such as react-geomicons and other. They are not updated to lastest React 16.x.
Roberto Leibman
Mar 17 2018 17:39

@aparo I've actually accomplished a lot, my project is building and the components (all Semantic) are showing up, I even managed to have tinymce show up as well (I'll add that to the 1.1.0 release). The problem I'm now fighting is that the callbacks are not working. When I render the page I get:

Warning: Failed prop type: Invalid prop `onClick` of type `object` supplied to `MenuItem`, expected `function`.
    in MenuItem (created by Router)
    in Router
    in MuiThemeProvider

And later, when I click a button I get

Uncaught TypeError: is not a function
    at apply (_apply.js:15)

I've just started looking into this.

√ėyvind Raddum Berg
Mar 17 2018 19:25
hey hey guys
sorry, i havent had time to spend on this project, hence the lack of release
I have some hours now, so I'll release the the milestone in the open PR
You should have all the access you need to merge branches @rleibman
i would propose for the next release that we set up an organization for this project where more people can release
it takes a bit of time to setup, but it's the only sustainable thing
also we could consider moving the repo itself to a similarly named github organization
WDYT @rleibman ?
(i answered your email here in case more people are intested, hope that's alright)
Roberto Leibman
Mar 17 2018 22:29
That all sounds great!
Roberto Leibman
Mar 17 2018 22:40
Cool, I created the organization, invited you and others who have been in this channels recently.
I've also forked your repo there. It's now at