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Mar 2018
Øyvind Raddum Berg
Mar 18 2018 01:00
i'll publish the current stuff under my maven coordinates just have it done
then we can setup that stuff in sonatype
Øyvind Raddum Berg
Mar 18 2018 01:18
Bijan Chokoufe Nejad
Mar 18 2018 08:59
Great work with the orga. Bad news from elemental release:
" doubt it mate, Elemental is basically abandoned. Sorry"
I try to keep bugging him to make available what is there so far
Im on vacation until thursday though, so keep it up :smile:
Mar 18 2018 20:41
@oyvindberg ; is the reacttable editable??
Roberto Leibman
Mar 18 2018 21:36
@elyphas what do you mean by editable? You could put in the cells an editor, for sure, or even have an editor open up when you click a cell.
Roberto Leibman
Mar 18 2018 21:42
@oyvindberg urgh... been fighting this one for hours. The functions in all the components no longer work, I wonder if you have any ideas.... Somehow, javascript doesn' think that js.UndefOr[ReacEvent => Callback] is a function. When the page starts, the browser dutifully informs me:
warning.js:33 Warning: Failed prop type: Invalid prop `onClick` of type `object` supplied to `FlatButton`, expected `function`.
And when I click on it, I obviously get:
Uncaught TypeError: is not a function
My function is declared as:
def onNextStep2(event: ReactEvent): Callback = {???}
As an additional information point, it works ok for a normal button:
 MuiFlatButton(onClick = onNextStep2 _)(), //This does not work
        <.button(^.onClick ==> onNextStep2) //this works fine
Mar 18 2018 21:50
@rleibman I'm probably thinking of the wrong thing, but is it that you need a js.Function1 rather than a scala function?
And that scalajs-react is converting them for you?
I've had something similar I got around by making new js.Function1's from my scala function
The implicit probably doesn't work in an UndefOr? I guess you could provide one yourself, or is there one in scalajs-react-components somewhere?
Roberto Leibman
Mar 18 2018 21:57
I don't know, this was working in the previous version.
The implicit should be available (as there's no compilation issues)
Roberto Leibman
Mar 18 2018 22:50
hey, guess what? I got the latest changes from @oyvindberg, integrated them into my stuff and it's now working! There are parts of Semantic-ui that still break in JsMacro, but I don't need them immediately.
Unless you want to take a look at it @oyvindberg ... basically, comment in Dropdown in SuiLibrary, I get a StackOverflowException in the JsMacro.
I had the same happen in Modal and FormField