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Feb 2019
Roberto Leibman
Feb 14 02:54
@dborisenko @here.... I've been really bad. A while ago, we forked the project to create a community project at I have not been able to work on it, though I have made a few changes to some of the semantic-ui things. Anyway, I am about to get back into it. And here are my plans:
  • Full Tech refresh, latest react, latest scala, latest scala.js, latest scalajs-react.
  • Split the project into a number of projects
    • Core and macro
    • Semantic UI
    • Elemental UI
    • Material UI
    • Other wrapper projects
    • Other custom components written in scala (besides the ones already in the repo, I'll add a few of my own)
      I'm going to start with what I have and then try to merge Denis' changes.
      Once it's all done, I'll try to deploy this to the mvn repo, that's already been set up a while ago.
Roberto Leibman
Feb 14 06:30
ok, my first step is done, things are compiling under branch 1.1.0, now I continue with the tech refresh.
Hey... @dborisenko I'd love to work with you to try to figure out what it is you did... I see that you moved things around a lot, but you also removed huge sections of code, including all of MaterialUI and ElementalUI... what time/timezone works for you to talk about it?