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Feb 2019
Denis Borisenko
Feb 16 14:46
Hi @rleibman, well, yes, I moved around a lot of code. The main reason was to split one monolith project with all possible components to multiple smaller ones. It helps to keep track on dependencies and update only what’s needed. I also changed package names - the original thought was to be able to use monolith scalajs-react-components together with my refactored libraries, but I ended up completely moving away a lot of stuff and refactoring. I also added unit tests to simplify upgrade process. And I dropped some libraries. First of all, I needed only semantic-ui. In second, there are some libraries without any support. I think, elemental-ui doesn’t have react 16 support and I found somewhere that support of that library is discontinued. So, this was, in short, my motivation.
But we can have a chat. My time zone is CEST (GMT+1)