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    Hi Guys, Came across your project and as I am new to terraform so though of giving it a try.
    Could you guys share the installation and how to doc
    Ryan King
    @ryanking Thanks
    Ryan King
    Heads up that we just released fogg 0.20.0 (https://github.com/chanzuckerberg/fogg/releases/tag/v0.20.0) which includes a pretty significant refactor of some of the config internals
    we are working towards being able to support generating providers for services other than AWS
    amar jandu
    Howdy, i was wondering how Fogg is able to differentiated this line https://github.com/HumanCellAtlas/dcp-monitoring/blob/d4e877fedc6371e787a3d15a76f6856a858560e5/terraform/modules/env-alerts/dss.tf#L107 I would think that it would not be able to evaluate ${var.env} to an AWS region, then later on a deployment stage. https://github.com/HumanCellAtlas/dcp-monitoring/pull/29#issuecomment-499297995
    Amit Joshi
    Looking at fogg - wanted to check if this is the right place to discuss.
    Like the project but tried to add something small (a gitlab_ci pipeline) and realized there is a lot of code that needs to be added in a variety of spots making it difficult to add something new, and also easy to miss stuff. I basically searched for GitHubActions and sat duplicating the code and changing it to Gitlab to get it working.
    One thought was to refactor the code to rearrange so that the ci code is under a ci folder with subfolders for gitlab, github etc.
    Any interest? I can contribute the changes back.