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Jan 2018
Brad Chapman
Jan 10 2018 03:16
I'll e-mail and post details tomorrow but for anyone looking tonight I updated the Codefest page with links to AirBnb and Hotel options accessible to Harvard Medical School:
AirBnb is the best choice for something walking distance to the venue and if you prefer hotels my first choice would be Midway Hotel which was <$100/night and only 4 stops away on the train.
The 10 day forecast looks mostly clear and we're meant to get warm weather this weekend to melt the horrendous amount of snow clogging things up right now, so fingers crossed for travel.
Jan 10 2018 09:16
Hey @chapmanb - count me as a +1 - already signed up. See you then!
Let me know if there is anything I can do to make it easier for the other remote participants.
Peter Amstutz
Jan 10 2018 13:55
Keep in mind "warm" still means 0°C - 5°C, which is better than the -10°C weather we've been having, so pack a coat and boots!
Morgan Taschuk
Jan 10 2018 15:02
Michael L Heuer
Jan 10 2018 17:40
@tetron Minneapolis went from -10°F/-23°C last Sunday to +45°F/+7°C today, so a January thaw is on its way