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Repo info
    Neil Duffy
    yea i think so
    WOW! That's motivating! :-D
    Neil Duffy
    i will say one thing... react is like pulling teeth lol
    but it is popular :)
    Hmm what do you mean
    Neil Duffy
    learn vue.js first, then do react and you'll see what i mean
    I know nothing about both, so no preference either
    Travis Fischer

    @skiv71 I would say that React gets confounded with React + Redux, which can very much feel like pulling teeth to beginners.

    I would 100% of the time recommend any newcomer to focus on core React with setState until they feel comfortable, and even then, shy away from Redux unless they really, really know why they're making that decision.

    create-react-app + core react is very comparable to Vue in terms of concepts + simplicity + what the code actually ends up looking like :)

    @donfak you can't go wrong with Vue or React, so don't take my pandering too seriously haha :)

    Random Max Life
    that's right !
    Neil Duffy
    Vue.js still better... lol
    can someone help me with a javascript assignment
    Neil Duffy
    what's up?
    https://jsfiddle.net/0kn8e9jr/ Hi all been stuck on this relatively small script for some hours now
    Can someone tell me why i'm getting Expected an assignment error everytime document is used?
    document.getElementById('fname').value; shouldn't be an issue, since it's extracting the value of a data from a td with the id of fname from the HTML document
    also the method has been assigned with var nameofvariable as well too and still same issue
    Hussein Zaki
    hi @all
    can anyone help me
    i am desperate
    for help
    Chris Cullen
    Hi is there a way to test for multiple data-attrbutes within a regex.test() function
    ` $(this).toggle(regex.test($(this).data('games')))
    Brylle Obra
    Hello guys
    anyone here who has an experience with Django and AngularJS?
    state = {
        openChannel: this.context.currentChannelId,
    but linter say i must use destructuring
    how is that should be then?
    Hello guys, is it okay sharing my github library here?
    Hey all, need help transforming an array’s values into an object’s keys in JS?
    Hey guys, is there any reason my .addEventListener isn't working? I have a div that is being made along with a textbox and a button right in javascript. If I try to add an addEventListener to either the button or the textbox they don't work.. any help is appreciated!
    I can attach code but it is rather long.
    I guess no ones here
    Yeah,looks like people stopped using this..
    Neil Duffy
    @stevenanthonyrevo Check out Array.reduce()
    Hi all, check this out I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions https://tarekraafat.github.io/autoComplete.js/
    Hussein Zaki
    i need help with firebase firestore
    Emmanuel Kaku
    i want to know how i can module an object in javascript coming from the server unto js
    Rishi Kumar Chawda
    Hi, is anyone here who wants to contribute to a component library for react? I've started working on one and was thinking if anyone wants to join in since it is new and contributing is easier since the codebase hasn't grown much.
    Incase you want to check out the repo.
    Suggestions are also welcome.
    How do I increase/decrease the size of an ob
    How do I increase/decrease the size of an object on javascript? The object is a box that has buttons
    Tim-Luca Lagmöller
    Hey, I wanted to show off my new webapp Cryption developed in React and Redux. I created this app since I was in need of a tool that protects my files without having to
    download additional software or relying on an external server. It would be really great of you to give me some feedback or support on my Github repo: https://github.com/lagmoellertim/cryption
    kalikota ssv teja