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Repo info
    Hussein Zaki
    can anyone help me
    i am desperate
    for help
    Chris Cullen
    Hi is there a way to test for multiple data-attrbutes within a regex.test() function
    ` $(this).toggle(regex.test($(this).data('games')))
    Brylle Obra
    Hello guys
    anyone here who has an experience with Django and AngularJS?
    state = {
        openChannel: this.context.currentChannelId,
    but linter say i must use destructuring
    how is that should be then?
    Hello guys, is it okay sharing my github library here?
    Hey all, need help transforming an array’s values into an object’s keys in JS?
    Hey guys, is there any reason my .addEventListener isn't working? I have a div that is being made along with a textbox and a button right in javascript. If I try to add an addEventListener to either the button or the textbox they don't work.. any help is appreciated!
    I can attach code but it is rather long.
    I guess no ones here
    Yeah,looks like people stopped using this..
    Neil Duffy
    @stevenanthonyrevo Check out Array.reduce()
    Hi all, check this out I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions https://tarekraafat.github.io/autoComplete.js/
    Hussein Zaki
    i need help with firebase firestore
    Emmanuel Kaku
    i want to know how i can module an object in javascript coming from the server unto js
    Rishi Kumar Chawda
    Hi, is anyone here who wants to contribute to a component library for react? I've started working on one and was thinking if anyone wants to join in since it is new and contributing is easier since the codebase hasn't grown much.
    Incase you want to check out the repo.
    Suggestions are also welcome.
    How do I increase/decrease the size of an ob
    How do I increase/decrease the size of an object on javascript? The object is a box that has buttons
    Tim-Luca Lagmöller
    Hey, I wanted to show off my new webapp Cryption developed in React and Redux. I created this app since I was in need of a tool that protects my files without having to
    download additional software or relying on an external server. It would be really great of you to give me some feedback or support on my Github repo: https://github.com/lagmoellertim/cryption
    kalikota ssv teja
    Aykut Kardaş

    Hi everyone,

    It allows you to use methods such as innerJoin, schema, where, limit, select, orderBy on JSON data. Do you think it's useful?


    Mags Cieślak
    Hi Guys, great Meet Up In London tomorrow ! https://www.meetup.com/meetup-group-timetoreact/events/259292966/
    Hey Gitter javascripters, Cloudimage just released new js responsive plugins that does a comprehensive automated image optimization service: https://www.cloudimage.io/en/plugins you can get free tokens and automate a lot of work this way dealing with images
    Hi guys, I made a react datepicker library while ago
    I would really appreciate feedback or stars
    the repository url is as follows.
    Mags Cieślak
    Hey all, hope everyone is doing well, As a beginner, i'm learning rest api's with express and validation with the joi package. I would appreciate if anyone could help clarify something I was pondering regarding validation. Suppose I want to send some data as a response to the browser, like a blog post pulled from the database for example, I was wondering if it is necessary to validate this data before sending it as response. As a beginner im still learning about things like XSS vulnerabilities where malicious code could be injected in to the database. Am I correct in assuming that my only concern should be validating data before it is entered in to the database and not after retrieving it and sending to the browser?
    Daniel Montano
    @syedsameerali You're correct. Just worry about the incoming data (validate/sanitize it), and don't worry about the data going out of the db (no need to validate it). If the db was hacked and changed you probably have bigger problems to worry about. Make sure you have a strong db user/password and that make sure you are not revealing the user/password in code that runs on the client-side. This info should always remain on your server.
    Franck Abgrall
    Hi guys,

If you're interested in building Progressive Web Apps, I’ve made a full-stack solution to quickly develop them.

    Here is the documentation link : https://bento-starter.netlify.com/
Github repos : https://github.com/kefranabg/bento-starter
I’d love to get some feedback !

    Hi All, Im the founder of Macrometa and we have built a new kind of database for folks writing data driven Javascript apps and APIs. Unlike a standard DB which sits in one location - ours is geo distributed and spreads your data across 25 global regions/cities to make your apps fetch live data faster.

    1. Macrometa is a real time streaming database as a service
    2. Provides a globally distributed database that spans 25 global cities and serves data from region closest to a request
    3. Its multi model - serves Key/Value, Documents, Graphs, Time series and more
    4. It automatically turns queries into REST API end points that can be called directly from your React, Angular, VueJS, Gatsby, Flutter front end
    5. It uses CRDTs for those interested - a way of replicating data in a way that you avoid concurrently issues of multiple writers changing the same data

    Learn more here - https://www.macrometa.co/macrometa-in-2

    Developer docs here - https://dev.macrometa.io

    Sign up here - https://www.macrometa.co/start

    Github with samples here - https://github.com/Macrometacorp

    Fayaz Bin Salam
    Hi, This is my first project using ReactJS. This a portfolio webapp. Anybody can customize it EASILY to make their own portfolio. Please take a look and please let me know if you have any suggestion: https://github.com/p32929/Portfolio
    Andrew Kang-G
    Hi guys, if you want to extract or normalize all kinds of urls or uris or even fuzzy urls caused by human errors, I have made a solution here. : https://github.com/Andrew-Kang-G/pattern-dreamer
    Chris Cullen
        for( var i = 0; i < arr.length; i++){
           var next = arr[(i+1)%len];
             diff = (values[arr[i]] - next );
              date += values[arr[i]];
    Why is next here going back to the start of the array once its finished?
    how can I make it end at the end
    Hey guys. We are building an open source password manager and would love some feedback! https://github.com/q-vault/qvault
    Ahmed Rebai
    Can I contribute ?
    Can someone invite me to Lobste.rs 😂? I'll be very grateful.