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Repo info
    Ok guys! what is your project now?
    I need source of a huge number calculator in java! I have searched for it but I cant find anything, can you help me?
    is anybody here?
    Do you need calculus for web developement?
    I learned something about derivatives and limits but Im not sure if I will use it.
    uh,no one knows?
    hey guys, i am looking for active github repositories that need technical revisions in the README files. It is for a technical writing project. :)
    Good afternoon
    hey guys anyone know some python mabye?
    Geunsik Lim
    Good afternoon.
    Good NEWS! :) TAOS-CI (https://github.com/nnsuite/TAOS-CI) to help reviewers that has continually stressed due to incorrect PRs of contributors in a github.com repository.
    Nikhileshwar Nanduri
    I have learned android development a bit
    and have started Machine Learning A-Z
    i know python
    any suggestions on how to proceed?
    also I have no knowledge of PHP or CSS or React or Node JS any similar programming paradigms, can you tell me if the knowing these would be any helpful?
    Besides being a full stack developer
    can someone help me with a beginner javascript assignment?
    shubham sharma
    if anyone of you have some knowldge
    of python
    please help
    this code is not working on paycharm
    from tkinter import *
    a = Tk()
    a.title("my first window")
    Akash Deep
    Hello All
    Do u know guys that how to get Segment in ConcurrentHashMap in Java?
    i want to get the Segment where key/value is stored.
    Mani Kumar
    hi, can anyone fix the issue i am facing? https://superuser.com/q/1391075/981496
    Hibrit Usta
    Hello everbody
    Nekonium, Deft, MMO, BWS, INDI Fan
    hey guys.. i am admin to a discord with some hundersd coin programmmers and bitcoin related stuff. I would hope to win some more developers for our open community with a lot of job posting: And dont ban me:) https://discord.gg/K6q3j2U
    Hrishikesh Paul
    Hey has anyone here used flask restplus to document their APIs?
    Miguel Frias Mosquea
    morning everybody from London

    in case anyone needs some music:


    Anyone here interested in contributing to open source projects? If yes then check out my open source fitness app I'm working on and if you like the idea leave a star :) https://github.com/KrisKodira/fitPlant
    @chrisV92 Hi!
    Some stats I built with React: Most Popular Web Browsers (2002 - 2019) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VYxaLbCjkQQ
    Franck Abgrall
    Hi guys,

    If you're interested in building Progressive Web Apps, I’ve made a full-stack solution to quickly develop them !

    Here is the documentation link : https://bento-starter.netlify.com/
    Github repos : https://github.com/kefranabg/bento-starter
I’d love to get some feedback !
    yo. ANYONE HERE wanna stop WASTING his time on this M* F** World BY HELPING ME with a new coin based project that will REPLACE MONEY$$$=0+$="government". (ANY PROGRAMMING KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED!!!) - TYPE YOUR SKYPE NAME TO START
    Filipe Reis
    Greetings !
    anyone interested in open source gaming and space station 13, check out https://github.com/Persistent-SS13/Persistent-Bay/
    IT is a working persistent SS13 codebase, based on Baystation
    Hi I Am Professor STARSON The TOP SCIENTIST / Physicist & I Would Like To Communicate With Individuals About Physics
    @dr.starson_gitlab which technologies you deal?
    Meheret Tesfaye

    Hello Everyone,

    I have some good news for smart contract developers.
    Here is new development environment framework for Ethereum virtual machine(EVM) called Cobra. Check it out on https://github.com/cobraframework/cobra. With cobra you can get built-in smart contract compilation, linking, deployment, binary management, automated contract testing with Unittest and PyTest frameworks, scriptable deployment & migrations framework and network management for deploying to many public & private networks like INFURA or Ganache CLI.

    Release date July 14.

    Cory Kilpatrick
    I was wondering someone could help me with this? I'm running this code var todoList = {
    todos: ['item 1', 'item 2', 'item 3'],
    displayTodos: function() {
    console.log('My Todos', this.todos);
    if I run todoList.displayTodos, I get this ƒ () {
    console.log('My Todos', this.todos);
    } instead of My Todos ['item 1', 'item 2', ... etc anyone know what I'm doing wrong here?
    also is there anyone in this room?