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Repo info
     private void LoadColors()
            string Line;
            string Line2 = null;
            string[] Lines;
            string[] Lines2;
            bool Found = false;
            string Line1;
            StreamReader reader = null;
            StreamReader reader2 = null;
            //Diynamically Make Controls
            Panel panel = new Panel();
            Label label = new Label();
            TextBox textbox = new TextBox();
            Button button = new Button();
            panel.Size = new Size(398, 35);
            label.Size = new Size(157, 13);
            textbox.Size = new Size(83, 20);
            button.Size = new Size(75, 23);
            button.BackColor = Color.FromName("ButtonFace");
            button.Text = "Select";
            label.Location = new Point(3, 12);
            textbox.Location = new Point(231, 8);
            button.Location = new Point(320, 6);
                reader = new StreamReader("colors.tdesktop-theme");
                Line = reader.ReadLine();
                while (Line != null)
                   if (!Line.StartsWith("//") |Line != "") 
                        Lines = Line.Split(':');
                //    MessageBox.Show(Lines[0]+Lines[1]);
                 Lines[1]=   Lines[1].Replace(" ", "");
                  //  MessageBox.Show(Lines[0] + Lines[1]);
                    if (Lines.Length > 1)
                            label.Text = Lines[0];
                   string Line12 = Lines[1];
                            if (Line12.StartsWith("#"))
                                textbox.Text = Lines[1].ToString();
                                reader2 = new StreamReader("colors.tdesktop-theme");
                                while (Found)
                                    Line2 = reader2.ReadLine();
                                    if (Line2.StartsWith(Lines[1]))
                                        Lines2 = Line2.Split(':');
                                        textbox.Text = Lines2[1];
                                    Found = true;
                            textbox.BackColor = ColorTranslator.FromHtml(textbox.Text);
    but When I Run The ProgRAMM , that codes going to endless loop and my form Not showed
    whats the problem? sry for my bad english :(
    any body else?
    okeny Patrick
    hi new here
    hello there, i need help with some c# problems i have! anyone like comboboxes? :D
    eliza khachatryan
    hey guys for someone who knows bootstrap and rails, any idea why my navbar is in this collapsed state? https://january-app.herokuapp.com/users
    heey, who's a AWS pro?! ;) I'm having trouble just conceptually understanding the way to go about setting up a docker registry, like TSL, letsencrypt, HAProxy...
    I have a Javascript library that has functions for the chrome API (navigating through pages). Would there be any downside to using C++ to interact with the Javascript, and then Java to interact with the C++?
    Carlos Grijalva
    Any Ruby programmers here?
    Is anyone up for a quick challenge? (C# but you can try in other languages)
    You must write a Stopwatch console application in as few characters (on one line) as possible. This Stopwatch must display in the format MM:SS and must restart to 00:00 when it reaches 59:59. You must be able to toggle it on and off with a button press and also reset it to 00:00 with a button press. It must write the current state to the console window. My current best is 290 characters. Good luck!
    hi all anyone that have don WCF service before is free for a question?
    hello everyone, anyone familiar with java wanna help me with a problem? (beginner here)
    Hi everyone, I'm excited to see that there is a chat room for programming.
    Are there any web developers here?
    @asotljc hi, yeah
    Anyone trained in html?
    is anyone familiar with Authorize.net ?
    Wilberforce Uwadiegwu
    I have a website that contains bootstrap warning alerts. The warning box appears when user selects a carrier on the drop down carrier. When the box appears user has to click on the 'x' for the box to disappear, otherwise, if user does not click the 'x' and selects a different carrier another warning box appears just like in the image. I'm trying to make it disappear if user clicks anywhere on the page or when user clicks on the 'x'.
    Need help!
    wealthy kidd
    hello all
    I have a HTML5 website and i need help on downloading a file with text in that the user has wroten and I can't get the file to download can anyone help me on that
    does any one here knows how to program in python (sorry for the bad english)
    Hey everyone :)
    Asif Khan
    Hi guys
    I really need help
    Julian Sloman
    hi - anyone here familiar with SSH?
    Julian Sloman
    nevermind - question had to do with Cygwin vs PuTTY but turns out Git Bash comes with SSH
    Федя Воронов
    Hello, Strangers!
    hi any java programmers here
    anyone online
    in the course of java atm
    looking for help on input parameters
    Garrett Smith
    im a java programmer
    eliza khachatryan
    hey peeps
    where do you guys learn javascript es6
    Hey guys anyone here
    Anybody knows NODE.JS?
    AngularJS vs Angular2?
    Anastasia Dunbar
    Is AngluarJS Angular 1?
    If so, use Angular2.
    I don't care much about Angular.
    can anyone here help me build a chrome extension? i got this really good idea but 0 knowledge on makin chrome extensions.. its called: BetterWeb

    Better Web

    it works like that, I was thinking about makin this chrome addon that loads custom made javascript and css into some well known sites being used daily by millions of people, now i checked it in the legal way and as long as you injecting those script on the client side with the client agree you all good, the possbilites are endless, imagine a server that contains thouands of "new features" for well known sites, those "features" will be synced across all the owners of BetterWeb (it will be offered for Free on the chrome store)

    any way som of the features i was planning (and thats just a simple example) is:
    a) google shows 10 results per page , a simple modification can make it possible to show 30 results in a 3 colum table sorted like this: 10\10\10
    b) now imagine same upgrades for youtube,facebook,netflix,stackoverflow,google,downloading sites,ad sites and much more!
    its pretty simple example but just to make you understand what it is all about

    its about taking this "good upgrades" to some well known sites and bringing them to the world, you basiclly have control on every website on the client computer once they agree to install BetterWeb, and that control is completly legal if being used in a good way like my example

    On the technical site this is how it will work:
    1) user installs BetterWeb from the Chrome Store
    2)user access random website
    3) BetterWeb send the domain of that website to a remote server like so: demo.php?domain=x.y.com
    4) the server returns the custom made javascript and css files
    5) BetterWeb loads those files into the website!

    and walla you have a it up and running, i was thinking on adding an option to choose each sites available upgrades on demand
    for example you access google and you click on the BetterWeb Icon and that will allow you to "choose" the upgrades you want for this site

    now what i will be responsible on hosting, paying fees, advertising, keeping updates, makin a donate scripts option and a developer api and much much more all hostted free on my free time for the cause of a BetterWeb (:

    all i need is someone that can help me make that chrome ext basics..

    anyone interested in helping me please ? (: - https://us19.chatzy.com/87510719151817

    no profit will be made*just fame and a better web!

    Hi friends