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    where they are from
    hello , I need your help
    Hi, How may I consume the following API: https://anapioficeandfire.com/ and store it in any of the 3 technologies mentioned above (redis, elasticsearch or blockchain) and with the stored information, fill a binary data tree
    luka kvaracxelia
    i am new in programming world. nice to meet you
    Hi I need help with a flutter project I'm working on can someone please help me real quick
    avrajyoti sarkar
    i want to start frontend development any suggestions
    1 reply
    Hey everyone, new to Java and have an assignment I need help with like asap
    Hello, i'm a javascript, React, Node and react native developer
    Do anyone know an recipes api? I need this for my react native project
    Hey everyone. I have a small java question.
    That is the question and here is my code:

    import java.util.Objects;

    public class ChildClass extends ParentClass {
    private int childI;
    private char childC;
    public ChildClass(int parentI, char parentC, int childI, char childC) {
    super(parentI, parentC);
    this.childI = childI;
    this.childC = childC;

    public int getChildI() {
        return childI;
    public void setChildI(int childI) {
        this.childI = childI;
    public char getChildC() {
        return childC;
    public void setChildC(char childC) {
        this.childC = childC;
    public String toString() {
        return  super.toString() + " & ChildClass [" +"childI=" + childI + ", childC=" + childC + "]";
    public int hashCode() {
        return Objects.hash(childC, childI);
    public boolean equals(ChildClass otherChild)
           if(super.equals(otherChild) && childI == otherChild.childI && childC == otherChild.childC)
               return true;
           return false;
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        ChildClass c = new ChildClass(11, 'b', 22, 'a');


    And the error is:
    Please let me know if anyone can help

    Prompt the user for the purchase

      b. Write a void function called display() to print the following            headings:

    The month number
    The starting balance
    The interest to pay
    The principal to pay
    The monthly payment
    The ending balance for that month

    c. Create a double function called creditcredit() that has the purchase price as its parameter.

    The function must do the following (d to j):

      d. Create two variables

    annual interest rate = 12%
    monthly rate = annual interest rate/12
    e. The month number should begin with 1

      f. Use a loop to display information for 12 months
      g. Monthly payment is calculated at 5% of the purchase
      h. The amount of interest for a month is calculated as the purchase price * month rate
      i. The amount of principal for a month is equal to the monthly payment minus the interest owed.
     j. The ending balance remaining after monthly payment is calculated as the starting balance

    – the monthly payment.

    k. Call the display function
    Could you guys help me with this
    It is due in 30 minutes
    hi i have a simple java question on arraylists but junit really:

    public void add(int element) {


    is the method

    and the junit test is:

    void testAddInt() {

        CustomIntegerArrayList arr1 = new CustomIntegerArrayList();
        ArrayList<Integer> lst1 = new ArrayList<Integer>();
        assertEquals(arr1.get(0), lst1.get(0));
        assertEquals(arr1.get(1), lst1.get(1));
        assertEquals(arr1.get(2), lst1.get(2));

    i get the instance variable and constructor but it seems like as you can see above the junit test is creating its over arraylists which i can't find out how to manipulate

    gregoris angelidis
    is anyone here to help me on question?
    Anyone able to help me with something? Pay 0.01 eth.
    Its getting puppeteer to work
    Hi all I was a programmer for short time and long time ago then my job line change to IT Support more than 7 years. Now I want to turn back to programmer and start study programming so I'm here for get some trips to getting started programming witch interesting programming language during this time ?
    peca jooo
    hello guys is there someone who know how does work mmorpg online games?
    Hiii i need help.
    It involves me being busy with a project to get into an internship as a software developer and im stuck with one last thing i must do before i bmit my final project.. I have to write a line of code that states a user can only use 1 email address when trying to cadh out or whatever
    Chris Riva
    Yo guys, quick question
    Any PHP developer around here?
    Saptak Bhoumik

    Hi good morning, I would like to have some feedback about this https://github.com/SaptakBhoumik/WebPlus
    Is there something that can be done better?


    Arvid Svensson
    Hey! I've been working on this voice assistant in C# and I need some help. How do I make her tell time?
    Hey I've been loking to develop an app and i need people interested in taking on the world with me anyone want to sign up to destroy the matrix/caste system and bring peace to reality and manifest a one world utopia
    Hlo guys.. any programmer here..👋
    any people here have experience in database creation and connection using terminal?
    hello everyone !
    Does anyone have a knowledge about c++
    Need some help!
    i need help in python
    anybody to help?

    We saw one method of creating a list of prime numbers by checking if the number in question could be divided by any number bigger than 1, but less than the number itself. If it could, then we printed it out and moved on. This method of prime number creation means that we divide with numbers that are themselves not prime. For example, when we checked if 7 is prime, we divided it by 2, then 3, then 4, then 5, then 6. We will have already seen that 4 and 6 are not prime though.

    Another algorithm exists called the sieve of Eratosthenes, that comes from ancient Greece. It is modestly quicker than our standard algorithm*

    In this algorithm you create a list of numbers from 1 up to your goal. Starting at 2 eliminate its multiples in the list and move to the next number that is still in the list. When you reach the end of the list, all the numbers must be prime.

    For example, if I wished to check for all the primes below 10, my first list would be [1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10]. Starting at 2, I would cross off 4, 6, 8, and 10. The next remaining number is 3, I would cross off 9, remembering that 6 was already eliminated. The next number in the list is 5. No multiples of 5 are in the list since 10 was already eliminated. Finally we reach 7 and there are no multiples of 7 in the list, so you have reached the answer of [1,2,3,5,7].

    Another way of looking at it, published on Wikipedia is shown here (Links to an external site.).

    Create a program that asks the user for an integer greater than or equal to 100. Generate a list of primes up to and including this number. Print the list to the screen on a single line. You may assume that the user will enter valid numeric input in the correct range.​

    Hint: this algorithm requires you to pay close attention to your array index ranges when building your loops. You will not be going from the start to the end of both loops every time. Use your planning techniques or try doing it it on paper a couple of times to get the hang of it. If done correctly using functions like len() you will not need to do any special techniques to manage the list size potentially changing every iteration.

    To help you check if your answer is correct, here is a list adapted version of our old algorithm that can return something for you to check against.

    def makeprimes( upper ):
    count = 2
    primes = [1]

    while count <= upper:
        prime = True
        for i in range(2, count):
            if count % i == 0:
                prime = False
        if prime:
        count = count + 1
    return primes
      • When testing this it took about .44 seconds using the old method and about .30 using the new to generate primes up to 100. When I generated primes up to 1,000,000 the difference was about 57.8 minutes vs 51.5 minutes. When I used Java with the old algorithm to generate primes up to 1,000,000 it took about 100 seconds. Something to motivate using Java next semester.
    Diyorbek Yuldashov
    Hi everyone I need help ,please. When I put "RUN" button in Visual Studio Code to see result, lauch.json is being opened How can I watch results without LIve Server?