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Repo info
    Hello everyone
    I am looking for forgeviewer api expert using React now.
    Lea Hayes
    @anisiya-dot I don't suppose you have a link to an example of this? I've been searching but not really sure what I'm looking for tbh
    Thanks for your concern
    Jenish Patel
    any react developer here?
    I have some paid task
    I am react expert
    I can share my previous react work
    Dustin Kane

    Hey folks. I'm wondering if anyone has had this issue:

    We're using create-react-app and typescript. Running eslint from the command line, VS Code's eslint plugin, and what we expect from our .eslintrc.json all agree. However, when we run the app (which is using webpack hmr and eslint-loader) it uses some entirely different set of rules. When we explicitly turn them off in our eslint config, it still ignores them.

    Jonathon Orsi
    Quick question about functional components and useState if anyone is around?
    I have a component called RatingsComponent, which has a state for saving what value rating is currently selected:
    function RatingComponent({ questionId, maxRating, text, onAnswer }) {
    const classes = useStyles();
    const [value, setValue] = React.useState('');
    etc. etc.
    But when I show multiple Rating Components, for some reason they are all sharing the exact same state...
    I have paid task
    I have react+node application and want to host into aws ubuntu instance.
    I already created that instance and connect it via putty.
    The application is ready on github.
    Please help me.
    I am looking for expert who has experience with deploying node+react project using aws ubuntu instance
    I will pay some money for this.
    sondos alayyan

    I am using loopback 4 for backend and react for front end.
    when I make a request on API, it gives me blocked Cors.

    I tried this :
    let config = {
    mode: 'cors',
    cache: 'no-cache',
    credentials: 'same-origin',
    headers: {
    'Access-Control-Allow-Origin': '*',
    'Content-Type': 'application/json',
    redirect: 'follow',
    referrerPolicy: 'no-referrer',
    const response = await axios.post(${API}/signUppatient, obj, config);
    but it didn't work

    I can fix it soon
    sondos alayyan
    please tell me how can I fix it??
    could you send me source code?
    origin: "http://localhost:3000",
    allowedHeaders: "Content-Type, Authorization, X-Requested-With",
    methods: "*",
    credentials: true
    Please refer this code
    I got it
    where are you from?
    sondos alayyan
    do you have skype?
    this is me
    would it be ok if we can discuss on skype?
    Please add me on skype
    Lea Hayes
    @orsi could you share the full snippet of the component and the component that makes use of it? it might be easier to understand where the issues lies.
    If you make a git repo with the minimal that reproduces the issue I am more than happy to take a look for you @orsi
    Shamseer Ahammed
    any idea how to reset form back to empty values in formik anyone ?
    hi guys i watch react in YT i saw that html can be done in JS side is this normal???
    is that the way it is?? and is that the best practice for that? or safe? can someone explain to me thanks :)
    Pedro Diaz
    hello anyone familiar with faunadb and react.js
    Danny Santos
    Hi everyone. I can't get proxies to work - whether I use the proxy option in package.json or install http-proxy-middleware and create a setupProxy.js file in my src/ directory, the proxy just doesn't register. My axios API calls just go to the port that React is running on. It seems basic enough that I should have be able to figure it out quickly, but after reading through countless SO questions, docs, blog posts and GitHub issues I barely seem to have made any progress! Are there any simple gotchas that I might be missing?
    Gabriel Macus
    Hi, i'm using a table component (function component) that loads data from server using an internal method. How can i reload data externally? for example if i add a new element to db from the parent component
    Pedro Diaz
    anyone online now that could give me some tips on react and, or javascript in general when it comes to dealing with databases and the front-end
    Hello, everyone I know React and Redux how to start freelancing in React and Redux?