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    Gunther Cox
    ChatterBot compares text based on similarity. You may not need to make any changes for this to work the way you want.
    So what should i write into yml file to match against all such possible sentences ?
    Gunther Cox

    I would recommend writing a few examples of the various inputs and responses that you want your bot to use. This will help ensure that it responds correctly.

    - - I am having an issue in windows
      - Okay, let me help you with an issue
    - - I have an issue in windows
      - Okay, let me help you with an issue
    - - I got issues in windows
      - Okay, let me help you with an issue

    When the chat bot selects a response, it will try to choose a response based on how closely it matches the input. The words "having" and "have" are very similar so this will often result in the correct response being returned. Inputs that are highly different from the trained responses may result in unexpected responses.

    Great, thank you , and i must say chatterbot is superbly developed and highly efficient.
    While i run the chatterbot, it requires internet connection as it has to download some nltk package. As i have already installed nltk and its full package, so is it possible that instead of downloading , it look for my nltk package, hence eliminates the requirement of downloading nltk in each run ?
    Gunther Cox
    Thank you. I do my best to make sure it works well.
    For the required NLTK packages, it only checks to make sure they have been downloaded. If they are downloaded already it won't re-download them again.
    Whenever I use .yml files for the chatterbot to train on, it responds with sentences with a hyphen(.yml format). Example, "Who are you?" : "-I am a robot." How can I train the bot and make sure it does not select the hyphen along with it?
    Gunther Cox
    I posted a response to your question on GitHub.
    I hope it helps.
    Very nice, its really helpful, though i have a question. To match the above statement with have or having
    Which algorithm i should use to match against the “have”, “having” , or “got an issue” kind of statement. I am choosing jaccard_algorithm as it sometimes give the correct answer, and fails sometimes.
    I saw that Lavanshtein algorithm is efficient but it fails to answer my query now . So what is the better approach to do this ?
    Gunther Cox
    The synset distance comparison method may be a good alternative since there is a high probability that it will rate "have" and "having" with a higher path similarity.
    Ok, let me try that and will post about the response
    Gunther Cox
    hi I need urgent help
    I have installed Chatterbot latest version and have installed the latest version of Python.
    File "C:\Users\sanil.nadkarni\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python37\main.py", line 1, in <module>
    from chatterbot.trainers import LisTrainer
    ImportError: cannot import name 'LisTrainer' from 'chatterbot.trainers' (C:\Users\sanil.nadkarni\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python37\lib\site-packages\chatterbot\trainers.py)
    I am getting the above error when excuting the code
    Hi Team, I am new to chatterbot, can some one help me to resolve my issue that I reported here gunthercox/ChatterBot#1712
    hellow guys, is chatterbot capable of memory and understanding context of the previous line?
    possible for chatterbot to rmb each separate conversation and resuming from there another day
    can we tag keywords in the question user asked and provide reccommendation using the chatbot?
    @sanilnadkarni You missed a letter. It's 'ListTrainer' and not 'LisTrainer'
    who are you?
    Hi, where can I install a functional chattbot? I just installed one but I can´t find the error
    Hello, everyone. Who has ever met this problem? “ AttributeError: 'str' object has no attribute 'storage' ”
    It's a training robot. Can you help me?Think you
    Is anyone aware of any corpora of twitter conversations availible online that could be downloaded and used to train a chatterbot?
    how is the data being trained in the chatter bot
    And how is it being stored in the database
    In the terminal example, what ever input i give in it responses the time only
    hi chatterbot team i nead help
    I have a problem installing it
    I have to develop an application like ChatterBot. Do I need to learn data science for this?
    Shaheryar Sohail
    @gunthercox regarding chatterbot, is it able to understand "chat language" such as "u" instead "you" or "pls" instead of please.
    Has this functionality been added?
    Hi there
    anyone available here
    Jeremiah Alfrey
    hi. I have a novel use for a chatbot and I was wondering if the ChatterBot was a good starting point.
    I would like to setup a fake bank with the chat bot being a banking teller. The bot would allow transactions. I believe it is capable of the conversation but I am not sure how to connect it up to a database to have the bank account details. Does this sound feasible?
    I've installed Chatterbot but I'm receiving a message saying ' no module named chatterbot' can someone please help.
    Naveen Nelavalli
    Why are you guys using chatterbot rather that Dialogflow. Do you this this is easy one.
    so does anyone here managed to install chatterbot using django? it looks like it's not working and and always respond with "The current time is ..."
    Hello, I want to integrate chatterbot with my website, How can I integrate? Please give me some advice :)