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    Artem Loenko
    Hello there! I am trying to migrate two more or less popular iOS dating applications to Xcode 12 (Swift 5.3), and it would be nice to support ABI stability feature in Chatto. Compilation with the ABI enabling flags will allow us to reuse the same Chatto/ChatooAdditions artefacts between two different versions of the compiler. Would you accept such a PR?
    Victor Shamanov
    @dive you're more than welcome to send us such pull request!
    Looking forward to it!
    Anton Schukin
    I would really appreciate it as well!
    Artem Loenko


    All kind of tests for our applications look fine. For iOS 12, 13 and 14, built with Xcode 11.7 (Swift 5.2 Toolchain).

    Victor Shamanov
    @dive Thank you for such detailed pull request, I'll take it for review shortly
    Привет, ребят. Можете помочь? Я скачал ваше демо, решил попробовать перенести в своей проект пример. В презентере показывает ошибку на DemoMessageInteractionHandler, но в демо все работает.
    IMAGE 2020-10-07 13:16:23.jpg
    Victor Shamanov
    Hey @kelbin, I replied to you in the DM
    Fred Murakawa

    What would be the best way to add a reaction view to the border of a chat cell and then increase the bottom padding or resize the cell?

    Screen Shot 2021-04-26 at 17.43.20.png

    Siva Chidambaram
    Am using Chatto library in one of the project, where i want to change the UI of messages that is with reply feature similar to whatsapp. is it possible to have custom design of the message, if so can you let me know how to attain it ?