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Jun 2016
Jason R. Coombs
Jun 05 2016 13:09
Would anyone @here like to learn to cut a CherryPy release?
Jason R. Coombs
Jun 05 2016 14:00
Since no-one raised her hand, I’m going to cut the release. It’s pretty simple:
  • double-check the changelog is up-to-date. Since I was updating the changelog as I merged pull requests, it should be up-to-date.
  • Confirm that the latest version matches the expected semver version. Since I’m not deeming this a backward incompatible release (a close call, given #1431), 5.5.0 is the release number.
  • Run bumpversion minor as this is a minor release.
  • Push.
Jason R. Coombs
Jun 05 2016 14:10
And like magic (since tests passed), 5.5.0 appears in PyPI.
Nicklas Börjesson
Jun 05 2016 14:30
Definitely magic.
Jason R. Coombs
Jun 05 2016 15:14
:) The “magic” is actually just code in .travis.yml and
anybody with push rights can cut a release.