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Oct 2016
Michal Konvalinka
Oct 23 2016 21:56

Hi everybody, I thought about this as well - if you look at some of the questions at StackOverflow, you will find that many of them follow the same pattern: "How do I ... in CherryPy?" Many of useful answers will disappear between other question that will come. How can we preserve these answers, code examples, recipes? There can be a separate repo or separate documentation. Or we can collaborate on a Documentation (beta) at StackOverflow. It should be easy for authors to edit, no need to use git or sphinx, it should be easy for our audience to "consume" these recipes.

There are just three of five volunteers needed for starting this documentation at SO. We need two more. Look at CP questions:
Join the volunteers:

See how flask people maintain their documentation:

Michal Konvalinka
Oct 23 2016 22:08

At this stage I'm not brave enough to contribute to CP codebase but I'm brave enough to provide some usefull recipes. I see this as a crucial point that new developers "feel" when they adopt a new technology - how strong is the community? Is there anyone at SO who will answer my questions? Where can I see examples "How do I ... in CherryPy?"

I don't want to see CherryPy slowly fade because newcomers will try CherrPy and other tools and then they stick with the one that provided better support and wide range of examples how to solve their "How do I" problems.

If we can't provide support or examples others will.

I would start with examples/recipes. What do you think about Stack Overflow Documentation and other alternatives?

Nicklas Börjesson
Oct 23 2016 22:15
I obviously agree, getting proper examples and recipes are essential. Not having them turns people away.,