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Nov 2016
Nov 01 2016 10:27
@nicklasb they are solve the same task isn't it? or what is the differenс...
Nov 01 2016 11:29
tried to contribute! can lift your spirits
Nicklas Börjesson
Nov 01 2016 11:45

It is great to have texts like that in the major languages.

With regards to differences, just googled flask vs cherrypy:

Many of them take sides obviously, but the objective differences are often mentioned.
Constantine Molchanov
Nov 01 2016 13:33
Hi guys. I'm a native Russian speaker, so I can actually read what's written on the page there. It looks really shady. Looks like @blstdmi just translated CherryPy's tag line with Google Translate and posted the result on the page. It's gibberish.
@blstdmi Привет! Если ты правда хочешь запилить группу о Черрипае на русском, такой бред, вероятно, лучше не писать: «CherryPy это действительно простой, но мощный. Если Вы цените простоту и элегантность, CherryPy это ваш выбор».
Sorry for the Russian speech guys! I promise it's the first and the last time. I just need to check what he's got on his mind :-)
Nicklas Börjesson
Nov 01 2016 13:37
@moigagoo, no problem, please do!
Sviatoslav Sydorenko
Nov 01 2016 16:14
I second @moigagoo on his opinion that the community on vk looks insane.
And I think @blstdmi should learn English harder
Nov 01 2016 22:15
Sorry, I thought a cool slogan, a little bit of change can now normal.. and now I have access and it seems a lot of it made a difference)
Nov 01 2016 22:34
@moigagoo @webknjaz ок, пишите в вк добавлю и в друзья и администраторы!, постараюсь учесть все погрешности.. (write in VC add in friends, and admins!, I will try to consider all the errors..)