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Feb 2017
Jason R. Coombs
Feb 19 2017 01:32
Aha. I do see that the squashed commit does also reference the underlying ticket, so that’s good, and means that #1342 closed automatically.
Sviatoslav Sydorenko
Feb 19 2017 13:22
Yeah, I usually do close related tickets via long commit description
Krystian Rosiński
Feb 19 2017 15:05
Hi. Here is an output of flake8 for cheroot. There is many F821 errors (undefined name) -- probably missing imports. What do you think?
cheroot\ssl\ F821 undefined name 'cheroot'
Jason R. Coombs
Feb 19 2017 15:26
Yes, probably. cheroot was a recent refactor, so execpt where CherryPy tests it, it’s untested.
So any and all contributions are welcome.