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Feb 2017
Jason R. Coombs
Feb 24 2017 03:44
@bmxp: not that I’m aware
Sviatoslav Sydorenko
Feb 24 2017 11:13

@bmxp you could probably remove the entry from the cherrypy.tree.apps:

import cherrypy
del cherrypy.tree.apps['']

btw, you should register app to the endpoint having no trailing slash, for / use just ''

oh.. it strips slashes automatically
Feb 24 2017 15:37
Maybe once you can implement such an unmount. It's just that I have a software using cherrypy as backend and I need to plugin some code which also uses the same server settings but offers some more functionality. To implement that clean without the need to restart I use the mount function to extend it and it would be clean to remove it the same way...
Thanks for your feedback!
Nicklas Börjesson
Feb 24 2017 22:23
WRT ws4py, I saw that @Lawouach is looking for a new mainainer for it. How about moving that repo into the cherrypy organisation?