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Apr 2017
Apr 21 2017 12:45
Hello @jaraco. Thank you for taking the time to answer my request. Unfortunately, I could not see it earlier: my spam eater prevented me from seeing your answer until today (and I was too busy/stupid to check back through the web interface, so I thought nobody paid attention). I finally managed to find the problem origin, very easily after all: it was just a basic missing function within the app code. What was not easy (for me...) was to enable the log to actually get the error message. Furthermore, the preflight call in Chrome is implicit so you do not know what's going there either. The bottom line was that I got no error message from an unknown application through an implicit call of the browser (!). I think this qualify the situation as a worst possible case, ever. :smile: The good news is that, when I have been able to enable the access_file and error_file log from cherrypy, the culprit was debunked in seconds. Anyway, thank you for your support. As a piece of advice for the documentation, I think a fulling working sample code for configuration would greatly help noobs like me because, not being familiar with the syntax of the configuration, the reference manual does not really help: I understood the concept but had hard time to implement them. Thank you to consider my suggestion. Best regards. PYL
Jason R. Coombs
Apr 21 2017 13:18
@PYL666: Thanks for the feedback. Bummer about the notifications. Would be nice if Gitter would e-mail if a ping goes unacknowledged. As for suggestions for improvement, we’re always happy to hear them, but we’re also a community-supported project with no dedicated resources, so anyone is welcome to contribute to the source, even the documentation. If you are inclined, I invite you to draft a change or addition to the docs that if it had been present would have helped you. Regards, Jason.