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Aug 2017
Aug 31 2017 02:54

Hi all, not sure where else to ask this, hopefully it's acceptable here.
I've got a button on my site that when clicked sends and ajax request to a method that kicks off a scan of some files and does some DB building out of them and their metadata. This all works well so far, basically, however I'm getting some locking occuring where my app/cherrypy won't process any new requests until that scan is finished. So I can't change the page, kick off any other functions, etc.

I'm wondering what the best way to actually send the task to the "background" is, so that it doesn't block up the rest of the site from functioning once a scan is manually kicked off.

Sorry for text wall, and again I apologize if this isn't the right place for this sort of question.

Aug 31 2017 03:28
Threads. The thing I'm looking for is threads. I really don't know how I blanked on something fundemental like that lol Sorry again for the wall of text, all seems to be working properly now =]