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Sep 2017
Sep 02 2017 18:59
@webknjaz thank you for the links. I had actually stumbled upon the last two while researching this initially, but looking at them now with some more context I definitely think I could make use of the queue suggestion in the second link. I appreciate the help.
Would it be acceptable to link my project and solicit advice from those willing to look at it? I think it'd be helpful with those familiar with cherrypy especially to take a look.
Sviatoslav Sydorenko
Sep 02 2017 19:30
@hubbcaps Do you mean link here? It's okay to reference some source @ github when seeking help, but on the other hand you should point (or post) the minimum working example showing the exact issue you have, because nobody is going to debug your project. Sounds fair?
Sep 02 2017 19:57
Most definitely