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Sep 2017
Sep 15 2017 08:04
Is someone going to document cheroot? I wanted to use a given code from to serve some php pages. Unfortunately the code does not work anymore since the excerpt from cheroot and I really do not have a clue how to fix this without reading first some docs :(
Jason R. Coombs
Sep 15 2017 22:22
@bmxp: The answer is “maybe, and it might be you”. Except for the specifically-mentioned incompatibilities in each major release of CherryPy, it’s meant to be 100% compatible with prior releases. If the extraction of cheroot (v9.0.0 of cherrypy) is where the issue occurs, then it’s a known incompatibility and projects that are relying on cherrypy.wsgiserver should simply change those references to cheroot. We could perhaps present that difference with more detail in the changelog.
The place I would start is to first confirm the first version in which the project you’re using doesn’t work. Then, using that version and the latest version, I’d present the error you’re encountering (I hope they’re the same).