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Sep 2017
Robert Brewer
Sep 24 2017 15:39 UTC
!thanks @webknjaz
magicbus is simply the process-management bits of cherrypy broken out into their own repo
what to do when the server process starts, stops, exits
in a generic way so folks can add their own behaviors at those points
now that it's in its own repo, we've been using it at to manage the lifecycle of our Python analytic database servers
Robert Brewer
Sep 24 2017 15:46 UTC
ERROR: Permission to cherrypy/magicbus.git denied to aminusfu.
Sviatoslav Sydorenko
Sep 24 2017 16:57 UTC
Are you sure you use ssh key you added to your GitHub account? Does ssh -T output your username?
Aha.. I see now that you didn't accept the invitation
@aminusfu you should be able to accept the invitation using this link
Robert Brewer
Sep 24 2017 23:38 UTC
that worked! thanks
now I can't switch branches because of this LF checker
README.rst keeps complaining even if I checkout .
Robert Brewer
Sep 24 2017 23:45 UTC
meep first PR: cherrypy/magicbus#1