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Sep 2017
Michel Filipe
Sep 25 2017 16:10
hi! some people is accessing a cherrypy server through browser and facing a 400 error ("illegal cookie name") but the server doesn't even use cookie. any idea how to fix this?
Jason R. Coombs
Sep 25 2017 16:20
Looking at the CherryPy code, it should be printing the name of the illegally-named cookie in that message. What appeared after “Illegal cookie name” ? It’s not the server sending the cookie, but the client browser, so it seems that something has sent an illegal cookie name. Could it be that the client is actually some sort of malicious client or security scan that’s triggering the error?
Michel Filipe
Sep 25 2017 16:24
@jaraco I got two cases: notice_preferences and UnicaNIODID. It is a normal browser (Firefox) that a coworker uses daily. Do you know if there is any way to cherrypy ignores these cookies?