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Sep 2017
Jason R. Coombs
Sep 26 2017 08:46
Looking at the code again, I see that although it declares that the cookie name is invalid, it could fail for any number of reasons but still declare the same error message.
Any CookieError would raise that error.
And no, it doesn’t appear the current code provides any way around this issue.
My guess is there’s something wrong with the cookie value.
If you could file a ticket and describe the Cookie header that causes this error, I’m hopeful we can find a fix.
Michel Filipe
Sep 26 2017 14:03
Thanks @jaraco for the support. I will file a ticket when I get access to the cookie header of my coworker.
Michel Filipe
Sep 26 2017 15:36
SimpleCookie class got a illegal key value in the cookie header : ccf-verint:05A1DD0431AA3015