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Dec 2017
Brig Young
Dec 20 2017 07:08
I'm stuck trying to run the sphinx build locally, sphinx complains: Extension error: Could not import extension jaraco.packaging.sphinx (exception: No module named 'jaraco')
Jason R. Coombs
Dec 20 2017 20:07
@Sonophoto To help, I’ve pushed a commit to master that adds a tox env for building the docs. You should now be able to invoke tox -e build-docs, which should create docs in build/html.
Brig Young
Dec 20 2017 21:48
@jaraco FYI that build did work on my end, unfortunately I've used up all the time I had to work on this reading code and trying to get the build system to work. Maybe I"ll try again after the first of the year.