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Apr 2018
Sviatoslav Sydorenko
Apr 10 2018 13:49 UTC
@jaraco can we move domain to CloudFlare and use it's proxy + SSL feature to get https?
Jason R. Coombs
Apr 10 2018 17:12 UTC
@webknjaz I’m sure it’s possible. But as I start to think of the steps to make it happen, I quickly become disinterested. We’d have to (a) set up an account with CloudFlare (b) possibly fund that account (c) authorize people to that account (d) certify an SSL certificate for use with that service and install the certificate (e) regularly renew that certificate. What’s the advantage? Is this something you’d wish to take on? Is it somehow easier than I’ve imagined? Could another approach be easier (perhaps with an nginx host + lets encrypt certificates)?
Sviatoslav Sydorenko
Apr 10 2018 17:13 UTC
no, it's much easier
  1. free account
  2. dns transferred there (don't turn off proxy mode)
  3. hit 1 button and it will provision a free SSL cert (let's encrypt based IIRC)
  4. (optionally) add a rule for http->https redirection
I did that and it's very fast and simple
no extra hosts, no extra work needed
and maybe even w/o (3.) as it might be enabled by default
I can do this, but I'll still need someone to upgrade WHOIS record to point to CF servers