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May 2018
Sviatoslav Sydorenko
May 04 2018 11:28
you'll need sessions anyway to keep user logged in. that is an old user-submitted recipe website dump, some info might be outdated.
you may have some endpoint to check user creds against db and then put it into session, then you can check whether user is authorized by looking at session.
please note that CherryPy is a low-level micro-framework, which does not have django/flask-like high-level batteries. it's more like a Lego(tm), which enables you to operate on low-level as well as build higher-level abstractions needed specifically for your use-case
@jaraco look at
I think we could benefit from reviews this way when checking complex PRs.
Jason R. Coombs
May 04 2018 11:48
@webknjaz I’m willing to try it. Haven’t before, though.
Sviatoslav Sydorenko
May 04 2018 11:49
it came up here maintainers/early-access-feedback#126
so i thought it might be useful