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May 2018
Ignominious Blonde
May 15 2018 11:25
So, how good is this for commercial scale deployment?
I just had flask fail on me and I need the website ready tomorrow
Jason R. Coombs
May 15 2018 13:00
@thisisitdotexe_twitter If there’s a framework on which you spin up an enterprise-class application on a day, CherryPy is it.
But honestly, if flask has failed you, I’d be worried more about your deployment strategy.
But at YouGov, we use CherryPy for backend APIs and frontend servers on high-volume user-facing applications.
We do rely on a load balancer to distribute load to multiple instances of the processes, which we deploy in lxc or Docker containers.
Which means that all state needs to come from a central database (you can’t use memory or file-based sessions).
We also use to make the procs responsive to bursts in load.
Sviatoslav Sydorenko
May 15 2018 21:32
@jaraco could you please have a fresh look at cherrypy/cheroot#87 ?