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May 2018
Ignominious Blonde
May 28 2018 05:58
...and I was ignored. Alright, so you guys got any samples on accessing more than one variable per request and handling multiple requests and sessions at once, all concurrently writing to the sqlite db and stuff? I am new to webdev but pretty proficient in python so I dont need a basic python tutorial, just something a bit more up to date and functional than the default cherrypy documentation tutorials, most of them require heavy levels of fixing
Sviatoslav Sydorenko
May 28 2018 09:57
What's wrong with multiple variables or multiple requests? you just have a request handler and cherrypy calls it whenever a new request is there, it spawns a thread per request, so you don't have to think about processing "multiple requests" (whatever you mean by writing this). Also sessions and request are thread-locals. For accessing db you'll likely need to write a plugin as per your requirements.