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Jun 2018
Jun 08 2018 09:50
Stupid question -- my cherrypy listens both on the port it is supposed to ( and also on, even though it is configured by importing cherrypy and using the cherrypy.quickstart with a conf dictionary that has { 'server.socket_host':'', 'server_socket_port':8980 }

in cherrypy/ starting at line 147

engine.signals = _HandleSignalsPlugin(engine)

server = _cpserver.Server()

There is a server created which listens at port 8080.

You can test it:

>>> import cherrypy
>>> cherrypy.server.socket_port
>>> cherrypy.server.socket_host
Jun 08 2018 09:57
Not sure if this helps, though...
Sviatoslav Sydorenko
Jun 08 2018 10:41
have you tried to cherrypy.server.unsubscribe() first?
Amin Mkh
Jun 08 2018 20:00
greetings all, I wonder what is your application structure look like, considering cherrypy doesn't force specific structure
Jason R. Coombs
Jun 08 2018 21:03
@AminMkh Here’s an application I built many years ago -; I’d probably do things somewhat differently today, but mostly the same - Controllers and Models together as one service.