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Sep 2018
Sep 02 2018 12:50
hi , just installing on a raspberry pie ,
error is CherryPy requires Python '>=3.5' but the running Python is 2.7.13
but python -V
Python 3.5.3
any ideas?
Jason R. Coombs
Sep 02 2018 13:50
@rdunne: Probably you’re using the wrong pip. Try python -m pip install cherrypy or pip3 install cherrypy.
Sviatoslav Sydorenko
Sep 02 2018 13:51
@rdunne upgrade your pip
Sviatoslav Sydorenko
Sep 02 2018 20:41
@jaraco @jeffvanvoorst I've rebased this: cherrypy/cheroot#109
please take a look again :point_up: