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Sep 2018
Jeffrey R. Van Voorst
Sep 15 2018 04:21
If the above comments/rambling makes some sense, the constructor for WebTest could be modified to pass in proxy client args. WSGIProxy already has keyword args for client args (that is kwargs for httplib, requests, and urllib3). Otherwise, could try to modify the object (e.g. requests Session) after construction of the WSGIProxy object.
It seems a little odd to have what seems like two proxies to me. Part of the uneasiness is the fact that I am not quite sure what advantages using pyriform with WebTest over using WebTest or requests/urllib3/urllib2/pycurl directly (when we have a running http server).
Jeffrey R. Van Voorst
Sep 15 2018 14:37
After some thought, I think that the pyriform WSGIAdapter needs to be looked at to see if it passes the certificate information. Then, likely need to modify TestApp to accept parameters to pass to the http client (requests or httplib or urllib3).
Jeffrey R. Van Voorst
Sep 15 2018 16:32
I will try a few ideas. Once I more fully understand the pieces and how they work togther, I can create a pull request so that folks can also read the code.
Sviatoslav Sydorenko
Sep 15 2018 23:02
@jeffvanvoorst please feel free to create a PR early, so that the feedback cycle would be shorter. You can put WIP somewhere in the title to indicate that it's incomplete and fork with it like that.