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Dec 2018
Dec 02 2018 02:18
👋 All, I would ❤️ any feedback on a lightweight security headers and cookie attribute project for Python 🐍 web frameworks (including CherryPy) called Secure 🔒. Secure lets developers easily set security headers and secure cookies with recommended values. The repo is: 🙏
Dec 02 2018 02:31
@sathishbabu96 Saw your comment about Security Headers - would be sweet to get your feedback.
Ian Otto
Dec 02 2018 09:11
@webknjaz I'm thinking about potentially parsing headers in the read_request_line function so we can potentially use the Host header if present to complete the URL? Thoughts?
Sviatoslav Sydorenko
Dec 02 2018 23:08
It might make sense but we should be very careful about this.