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Jan 2019
Sviatoslav Sydorenko
Jan 02 17:33 UTC
@jaraco I've been trying to recover vector source of the cherrypy logo and it looks like it's lost. should be consider changing it?
Jan 02 18:17 UTC
Curious, I'm looking at making LDAP sessions get saved, and found someone else had the issue with using basic_auth, and posted their solution here: I just want to double check here, if he is correct in what he is saying that basic_auth does an auth check before it checks for sessions?
Jason R. Coombs
Jan 02 19:35 UTC
@webknjaz I’m not particular about the logo. If we need a vector version, and we’ve lost the original, that’s a shame, but happy to adopt a new one.
Sviatoslav Sydorenko
Jan 02 21:45 UTC
@jaraco Yeah, it looks like it was never shared anywhere... I think it's probably okay to have additional logo. Do you like any of @rnmp's proposals? Maybe we could bind it to the event (era?) of dropping py2 support?
Sviatoslav Sydorenko
Jan 02 22:31 UTC
@Giancarlos I'm not sure whether it's still true. You can try it out with built-in tools and see it for yourself. Maybe the priorities are already reordered or maybe we should consider reordering them in the next version.