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Feb 2014
Gary Ewan Park
Feb 28 2014 06:36
did you get somewhere with this? I created an issue on Github and assigned it to myself so I was going to be starting to work on it, but it are going to be doing it, I will leave it. If you are working on things like this though, can you make sure to create an issue for it, and keep it's status up to date so that we know where things are at? Cheers
Richard Simpson
Feb 28 2014 15:19
Sorry, not much has happened this week. I did start looking into it, but that was about the extent of my efforts.
Just hanging out Ryan?
Ryan Rauh
Feb 28 2014 15:19
haha yeah just lurking your room
admiring your HuBoard integration :)
Richard Simpson
Feb 28 2014 15:24